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  1. Hello and Good Day!

    My name is Jennie Kay and I am the Founder and Executive Director of The Detroit Sanctuary Project. This is a project to gather the public together to capture an image of every house of worship in Detroit. We are inviting the public to sign up as photographers (anyone with a smart phone or digital camera is welcome to participate!) and adopt various blocks and streets of the City, take an inventory the houses of worship in that area (or record if there are none) and capture an image of each house of worship and the sign out front.

    These images will be credited to the photographers, and included in a website (www.detroitsanctuary.com), a book and a large-scale mural printed on artists canvas. This project is about showing the spirit of what has been right in Detroit all along, and that is the spirit of community. Communities need gathering spaces, and more importantly, sanctuaries, and the houses of worship in Detroit have provided that for generations and are an incredible treasure on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

    If you would like to know more about the project, we had a wonderful piece produced by Fox 2 News: http://bit.ly/15AnL7r

    And we also have a video explaining the spirit and intention of the project: http://bit.ly/Ywrxc9

    We are also excited to announce that Stone Restoration Services out of Troy has stepped forward to support the spirit of the project and offer a free $10,000 value natural stone restoration to one congregation in Detroit (that is about 2500ft2 of restoration work). If you, or any other congregation are interested, please spread there word. It is a simple application, and they will select one congregation and announce the winner at our June 8th Community Photography Day Picnic.

    To apply for the free restoration, the directions are here: http://thedetroitsanctuaryproject.com/10000-stone-restoration-giveaway/

    I am humbled, honored and thrilled about everyone that has been participating and are looking forward to sharing this project with as many people as possible. It is my hope there might be members of your congregation that feel inspired to get involved and share this strength of community and sanctuary with a larger audience. I genuinely believe the world has a lot to learn from the countless (but soon to be counted!) sanctuaries of Detroit.

    If you have any questions about what we are doing, feel free to email me here.

    I hope this finds you and your congregation doing fantastic!

    Miles of Smiles – Jennie Kay

    Jennie Kay
    The Detroit Sanctuary Project


    Check out our awesome video! http://bit.ly/Ywrxc9

    Join me in a public community photography project documenting each house of worship within the City of Detroit.

    • This is wonderful. I pray for the success of this project. I will also share this information with our vestry members. Meida Ollivierra SMSJ Episcopal Church. I will also check out the video

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